The best cases for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Here's our take on all of Samsung's new Z Flip 3 cases.

Samsung’s new folding phones have arrived, and with them, a new wave of accessories designed to protect your new device from your inevitable clumsiness. And they look pretty good too.

Here are the absolute best cases for Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3

Spigen Air Skin, $44

My major beef with phone cases is that (protection be damned) they are preeminent aesthetic killers. Part of the fun of owning a new phone is actually being able to show it off. Spigen’s Air Skin, a slimmed down two-piece case made from polycarbonate, allows you to do just that while still mitigating the anxiety that comes with carrying around $1,000 worth of glass in your pocket. It’s a good price, it’s not intrusive, and is made by Spigen, which has quickly become a favorite purveyor of cases for those sporting Android phones.

Spigen Tough Armor, $54

There are two kinds of people in this world: The, “I barely want to know my cases is there” people, and the, “I want my case to withstand the nuclear apocalypse” people. Spigen’s Tough Armor Z Flip cases is for the latter camp. Features include a built-in hinge meant to protect your Flip from nefarious dust particles, an added layer of foam to protect against big drops, and a body made out of TPU and polycarbonate for protection against both drops and scratches.

VRS QuickStand Active Multi Clip, $45

VRS might not have the same pedigree as Spigen or Otterbox, but there’s still something appealing about the Quickstand Active’s almost cyberpunk-ish design. For good measure, it also has a kickstand that lets you prop up your Flip for upright viewing even when the Flip is fully collapsed, as well as a hinge cover to ward off dust particles and at least one “statement” color — green.

Incipio Grip, $69

Incipio’s Grip case excels in staving off drops before they happen using a ridged design mean to adhere to your hand. In the event that your fingers prove to be too buttery even for Incipio ingenuity, there are also shock-absorbing “impact struts” and a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

Otterbox Symmetry Flex, $69

Unsurprisingly, Otterbox is also in on the Z Flip 3 market, offering a couple protective cases, that include the Symmetry Flex, a clear, two-piece accessory made from synthetic rubber and polycarbonate. As an added perk, Otterbox’s Symmetry Flex is made from 60 percent recycled plastic and comes with Otterbox’s limited lifetime warranty.

Spigen Thin Fit, $49

Spigen’s Thin Fit might not give you the benefit of ogling the shiny new device behind your protective plastic, but it is satisfyingly thin and comes in three fairly endearing colors that include a lavender, shiny green, as well as a standard black. It also uses Spigen’s “Air Cushion Technology,” which leverages tiny air pockets that help absorb impact in the event of a drop. Yes, air bags for your phone.

Samsung Silicone Cover, $39

It’s not all about third-party cases. Samsung also offers a fairly solid silicone Z Flip 3 case with a handy strap for those times you may want to carry your device around like a high-tech Tamagotchi. Samsung’s silicone offering is also decently stylish and comes in two festive color schemes: navy blue/orange and white/lime green.

Samsung Leather Cover, $79

Sometimes we simply cannot abide plastics. Luckily, Samsung makes a premium case made out of real calf leather for those occasions. While it probably doesn’t offer the absolute best drop protection, it is form-fitting, comes in several different colors, and is guaranteed to irk some of your vegetarian friends.

Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear Fold, $59

If you’re into showing off your phone’s natural beauty, Speck’s Perfect-Clear case for the Z Fold 3 is an excellent option. Speck claims its plastic is designed to be resistant against yellowing and is also treated with Microban to help guard against bacteria if that’s of concern to you. It’s also drop resistant up to 13 feet, which should be good enough for most humans who don’t work in construction or have a career in the NBA.

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