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From cameras to mangos.

Who is Jacques Slade?

I make videos and host shows on the internet. I also eat bacon.

Sony A7 III

I have 3 of them and I use them for pretty much all of my videos. It looks great and it's super easy to use. I do wish it had a flip out screen like the GH5 I use as well, but until then shoutout to the Atomos Ninja V.

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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

I just started using this and I think I am Christopher Nolan. We'll see how that pans out. But seriously, this is a great deal for a very capable "cinema" camera.

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Arri ALEXA Mini LF

I don't have one of these, nor do I need one, but I saw my buddy Jonathon Morrison using one and was instantly obsessed. So if anyone has $50K I can borrow, this is what I want for my birthday.

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Final Cut Pro X

I edit a lot of video and FCPX has been at the center of it all when it comes to editing on my laptop. It is just easy to understand and lowers the barrier of entry for video editing and still can go toe to toe with any "pro" app out there.

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PSD Underwear

I know this sounds weird, but I just started wearing PSD about a year ago and now they are pretty much the only brand of underwear I have. I used to just buy whatever was in my size that was the cheapest, but they are mad comfy and really that is all that matters.

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Apple Watch Series 5

I workout a lot and I use the Apple Watch to help keep track of my runs. I had to cut down on all of the notifications, but it comes in super handy when running so I don't have to pull out my phone.

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Bevel Trimmer

I am either too cheap or too busy to go to the barbershop so I end up cutting my own hair 99% of the time. These trimmer are really smooth and work great with my skin since I keep my hair so short. They’re also adjustable, which helps a ton.

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2008 Nissan Altima Hybrid

I want to upgrade to an electric car, but I refuse to when this beauty keeps on ticking. In LA you have to drive for everything and my car literally gets like 500 miles on a tank of gas. We sitting at over 200K miles and still purring like a kitten.

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As someone that makes music and has had a small amount of success in it, I know how every penny counts when it comes to getting paid. I've heard that Tidal pays artists more than the other streaming services, so I use it almost exclusively as a show of support for those that create.

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Anker Powerport Mini

I travel a lot and this has two ports. Perfect for my phone and watch.

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Nike Flyknit Epic React

These come in a ton of colorways and have basically become my around the house, gotta go run an errand, maybe I'll do a 5K this morning, let me do some yard work shoes. They do all the things and are hella comfy.

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Philippine Dried Mangoes

If you ever tried on some of these, you know exactly why they are on this list.

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"It is amazing how this all matters so much but doesn't really matter at all in the grand scheme of things."

Jacques Slade

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