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I can’t stop gaming on the Glap

This gigantic mobile controller is a joy to hold.

A smartphone in the Glap mobile controller.

We wrote about the Razer Kishi last year and loved it, but if you’ve got the latest-and-greatest Android, like the S21 Ultra, I’ve got bad news: It just doesn’t fit.

Fortunately there is an even chunkier gamepad on the market and it has a funny name, the “glap Play p/1” or as I like to call it, the Glap.


The price of a brand new Glap controller.


What!? Almost $100 for a game controller?

Here’s the thing: If you have a large phone or a small tablet, the Glap is pretty much your only option. On the bright side, it’s really good. I bought mine to test the Redgmagic 6’s full potential, but it also works with the S21 Ultra.

The Glap with the Redmagic 6.

How is it?

Well, unlike the Kishi the Glap is a Bluetooth controller, so right off the bat that means you’re going to need to pair it and keep it charged, which isn’t ideal.

On the bright side, the controller is so comfortable to use. The grips are luxuriously chunky and the buttons are really good.

The analog stick

The analog stick is similar in size the sticks on the Xbox One controller, but there’s less tension in the action. If you were looking for a full-sized analog stick on a mobile controller, this is it.

The D-pad

The D-pad is completely normal. It’s not too mushy nor too clicky.

The face buttons

The face buttons are much larger than what you’d find on the Nintendo Switch. They’re wider, deeper, and have a much more console-like action that I really appreciate.

The triggers

The major “downside” of the Glap are the weird triggers. They’re huge! And they have a lot of travel, so if you need super tight triggers for shooters, you’re going to be disappointed.

The rest

Battery life is good on the Glap. Frankly I’ve never run the battery all the way out, and I’ve had pretty long play sessions with PS1 games (looking at you, Final Fantasy IX).

Speaking of charging, the controller charges via USB-C, which is great, but the port does look kind of out of place at the bottom of the right handle.

Should you buy it?

Here’s what it comes down to: If you have a huge phone, the Glap is a great option. I like the Kishi’s USB-C connectivity over Bluetooth, but the reality is that I have a giant phone, and I don’t think I’m going back to the small-phone life anytime soon.

On the bright side, the quality is absolutely there. The Glap really feels like a $100 product. Do I wish I had gotten the new white and beige color? You better believe it.

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