The stuff the Nextbit Robin designer can't live without

Renowned industrial designer Scott Croyle shares a few of his favorite things.

Who is Scott Croyle?

Scott Croyle is a designer famous for his work at HTC and his follow-up project, the Nextbit Robin. Since then, he's co-founded a design studio in San Francisco called Attic, and we asked him about some of his favorite things.

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Spotify, Soundcloud, and Sonos

Music has always played a big part of my life but Spotify, Soundcloud, and Sonos have transformed the way I listen to and discover new music. Spotify is great for discovering new music based on my listening habits using automatically generated playlists like Discover Weekly while Soundcloud is great for me to discover and listen to DJ sets. Sonos lets me easily stream these services across my entire house.

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Stryman topcoat by Mission Workshop

We have a bit of a rainy season here in San Francisco and there’s a SF based company, Mission Workshop, that makes some of the best gear out there for it. I have the Stryman topcoat by Mission Workshop and it’s simple, clean, and super well made. It’s all in the details.

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47 table

Jonah Becker, my good friend and old business partner at One & Co, designed the 47 table in collaboration with Council. The decades old reclaimed Douglas fir, with it’s scars, cracks and knots is coated with silver creating an unexpected sheen on what is obviously an organic structure underneath.

Hue Lighting + Google Home Mini

It’s a simple thing but being able to control your environment without little to no effort is pretty great.

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Chiharu Shiota: Under the Skin

Everyone knows Yayoi Kusama but this other Japanese artist, Chiharu Shiota, had an amazing show in Tokyo last summer at the Mori Art Museum. I returned to the US inspired and immediately wanted to know more about her. This book, Under the Skin, gives a pretty amazing overview of her work.

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Tashima Art Museum

I traveled to Teshima Island, Japan last summer and had the most stunning art experiences at the Tashima Art Museum, which is less of a museum and more of a collaboration between an artist, Rei Naito, and an architect, Ryue Nishizawa. The pics and description won’t do it justice but the visit was amazing and is one of the most impactful, contemplative spaces and art pieces. Go see it.

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Stan Smiths sneakers

I used to only wear Adidas Originals Gazelles but recently have mixed in a few Stan Smiths. A classic which is a great palette for some subtle color pops. I guess I still need to branch out from the Adidas Originals but taking it slow!

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