This is what a Game Boy made by Fisher-Price looks like

Game Boy modders have done it again.

A modded Game Boy mashed with the Fisher Price Lil' Gamer. Video games. Game consoles. Gaming. Toys....

For anyone old enough to remember dial-up internet, the Game Boy Color probably evokes a lot of nostalgia. But what if the handheld could turn back the clock even further, to a time even more innocent and formative...


Enter: the Fisher-Price Game Boy

This absolutely perfect creation is the work of a modder on Reddit who goes by FauxDreams, and brings together, in the purest of all corporate unions, Nintendo’s Game Boy Color and the more recent Fisher-Price Lil’ Gamer — a toy for tots that’s meant to directly mimic a Game Boy.

u/FauxDreams on Reddit

According to FauxDreams, the mashup is more than just a Game Boy Color with a Fisher-Price shell. For instance, the button board itself is a modified version from the original Lil’ Gamer, and...

The mod even retains the Lil’ Gamer’s playable songs.

FauxDreams doesn’t offer a ton of details on how the mod works, or how it was built, but the pictures and gameplay footage are enough to enjoy on their own.

Just look at these big honkin’ buttons.

And if you like Game Boy mods in general there are plenty more to check out on FauxDreams’ Instagram page, @8bitdreams, though if it’s novelty you’re looking for, t’s going to be hard to beat the childlike genius of the Game Boy Color x Lil Gamer.

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