Steam Deck Season

Watch Valve's Steam Deck get taken apart piece by piece

Valve gives us the first look at what's inside its new handheld.


As we approach the launch of Valve’s Steam Deck, a handheld that brings AAA gaming into the palm of your hand, the company has given the public a first taste of what lies inside the powerful device.

Behold ... the inside of Steam Deck Valve

The breakdown is also supposed to serve as a cautionary demonstration — one of the most frequently asked questions about the device is whether or not the components are replaceable, and Valve does not recommend replacing parts yourself

One focus in the video overview is the thumbstick Valve

“We at Valve really don’t recommend that you ever open it up ... they [the parts] aren’t meant to be user swappable ... for example if you damage the battery the whole thing could catch fire later, which would be bad.”


A live look at removing the thumbstick Valve

Valve is not trying to scare users with this demonstration but rather show the risks involved with taking apart the handheld, as the warranty does not cover any damage that you might do yourself.

Next part removal — the SSD cardValve

Using a third-party SSD will cause problems with the following:

a) Power consumption

b) Electromagnetic interference

c) Mechanical integrity

d) Assembly

Rather than replacing the included SSD, Valve recommends purchasing a micro sd card to increase storage capacity.Valve

To see the full breakdown with an accompanying explanation you can check out the full video here. Steam Deck season is officially upon us!


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