These 'peeled' Pokémon are the best kind of nightmare fuel

Ever wondered what your favorite Pokémon would look like without fur or ears? Well, now you can find out.

A peeled Pokemon

Every once in a while, we stumble upon internet projects best described as “cursed.”

The “Pokemon but peeled” Twitter account is just that, as well as uncanny, nightmarish, and — dare we say — amazing?

Here’s a “peeled” Snorlax.

Unpeeled Lugia.

Peeled Lugia.

The project began as a “joke between friends,” according to the creator. They began posting them to Twitter as a way of backing them up.

The Twitter account now has more than 66,000 followers.


Unpeeled Gible

Peeled Gible

Unpeeled Jynx

The creator uses PaintTool SAI, along with a Wacom Cintiq 16 drawing tablet, to make these strange and wonderful creatures.

Peeled Jynx

1 to 10

Minutes needed to create a newly peeled Pokémon

Unpeeled Mewtwo.

Peeled Mewtwo

The peeling process usually begins with removing the Pokémon’s ears or tail. From there it’s all intuition.

The creator has already worked their way through the first three generations of Pokémon. They’re in the middle of Gen 4 right now, with a total of 452 creations.

Unpeeled Stunky

Peeled Stunky

Unpeeled Pikachu

Peeled Pikachu

You can search for specific Pokémon and donate to the artist on the project’s official website.

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