These homemade game consoles are DIY magic

YouTubers are showing off some pretty impressive feats of DIY craftsmanship and nostalgia.

Once upon a time, making your own game console was closer to a feat of black magic than it was a real, practical DIY project.


But with pre-made kits, emulators, and 3D printing, some of the more skilled makers among us have taken it upon themselves to use their expertise to create consoles that appeal to our urge to game on-the-go... and our nostalgia.

Howchoo on YouTube

The results of said endeavors are something to behold...

by GingerOfMods on YouTube

This little console was built out of an Altoids tin.

This tiny console plays PlayStation 2 games.The PSP 2 from Taki Udon on YouTube

People have also gone as far as to make their own arcade cabinets.

Many DIY consoles are based on various types of Raspberry Pi (small and commercially available computers) which are stitched together with other readily available hardware and then housed in 3D-printed shells.

Darshaz on YouTUbe

While some consoles opt for functionality, others go big on design. For example, check out this portable Wii made to look like a Gameboy.

GingerOfMods on YouTube

Some consoles use emulators to mimic games made for retro handhelds, while others (like the Wii Boy Color) actually use parts from the original consoles to provide a more authentic experience.

Building one of these might look complicated, but the fun doesn't have to be for pros-only. In fact, there are plenty of readily available kits you can purchase right now to get started on your DIY endeavors.

Darshaz on YouTube

The result of the kits might not be something as grand as a portable Nintendo Wii, but they're a good starting point for anyone looking to get into the DIY console world.

Creative Channel on YouTube

Even if you're not interested in making one yourself, the consoles are a pretty interesting mix of nostalgia and craftsmanship, though they may leave you a little unsatisfied given the fact most aren't actually for sale.

GreatScott! on YouTube

Luckily for you, YouTube is just an absolute encyclopedia on how to build one of these puppies yourself, so even if you can't throw money at something, you can pick up a saw, order a Raspberry Pi, and get to work.

GreatScott! on YouTube

With any luck, you'll be the one making gamers jealous in no time.

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