An absolute monster turned Pokémon into a first-person shooter

Using Unreal Engine and pre-existing graphic/animation packs, indie game developer, Dragon, brought a whole lot of firepower to the Pokémon universe.

I think we can all agree that the presence of a firearms within the Pokémon universe would be alarming to say the least. Despite that bone-chilling prospect, however, here we are, in 2022, with a Pokémon FPS (from indie developer, Dragon) that we never asked for.

This has to be illegal.Dragon

This Pokémon FPS was developed using Unreal Engine and the world was fleshed out using pre-existing environment packs and gun animations. Just like a proper FPS, it incorporates lots of different systems, including, gun mechanics, environment, models and animations, enemy AI, and even boss battles.

Gotta’ shoot them all. Dragon

Pokémon animations were imported from some of the more recent games in the series into Unreal Engine.

This process apparently required the use of six programs, including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


The enemy AI was programmed according to a tier system and groups of Pokémon were categorized according to behavior:

- Critters (smaller Pokémon, docile)

- Static (sedentary, don’t move around the map)

- Chargers (larger Pokémon, attack when players get nearby)

- Chasers (actively hostile)

- Flyers (airborne, mix of docile/hostile)

- Projectiles (use ranged attacked)

- Boss (Zapdos, Articuno, and Mewtoo)


To get a more thorough breakdown of how Dragon completed the project you can check out his full-length analysis here.


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