People are going nuts with customizing the PS5

Not satisfied with how the PS5 looks? grab a can of spray paint and join the DIY mod-jobs trickling onto social media.

The PS5 has finally arrived, and outside of being the most powerful PlayStation yet, it's big, conspicuous, and... did we mention really big?

The PlayStation 5's design has been pretty polarizing. You either love or loathe its standout white plates which are both curvaceous and fairly modern looking, or in some opinions: ugly.

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If you're in the former camp, we've got some good news: the PS5, despite its bold design choices, is apparently very customizable. While we've already got a guide that shows you exactly how the customization process is done, some of the results are also well worth a gander...

YouTube's Dave Lee gave a nod to Spider-Man.

There are a couple different approaches to customizing the console's exterior. While some people are removing the console's plates (which is a tool-less process that takes about a minute) and using spray paint, others are wrapping the console in various adhesive sheens.

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These plates are wrapped...

The interior of this console is also wrapped with a shimmery, glossy treatment

This one got Plasti Dipped.

Plasti dip: an air-dry, specialty rubber coating often used on cars.

Consoles aren't the only thing being modded...

There are lots of controllers...

ControllerChaos is customizing the PlayStation 5 Dual Sense professionally and boy do they look nifty...


LazaModz on YouTube went full Super Saiyan.

For PS5 modding, it's still early stages. The console was just released this month, and many people are still waiting to get their hands on one.


While some companies are already selling custom plates (RIP Plate Station) other more intrepid gamers are ready to saddle up, grab a can of spray paint, and get to work.

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