Gotta shoot 'em all

This new 'Palworld' trailer imagines a world with Pokémon and guns

There’s also a factory exploiting the plush creatures in a game that looks hyper derivative.

A screenshot from the new 'Palworld' trailer

While it may seem like Pokémon occupies a very different space than say a AAA shooting game, or really any shooter for that matter, that logic has been challenged in the past week — first by this sandbox Pokémon FPS and now by the impending release of something called Palworld.

The movement in this game is reminiscent of Apex Legends.Pocketpair

Palworld appears to combine aspects of many existing titles like Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Fortnite, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to name a handful.

This trailer might be the most overstimulating piece of media under two minutes.Pocketpair

Based on what we’ve seen, there doesn’t seem to be a clear objective of Palworld per se, but according to the game’s Steam page, it combines elements of shooting, open-world RPGs, building, farming, and much more.


Remember My Neighbor Totoro? This is what they look like now — feel old yet?Pocketpair
The trailer takes a dark turn as we see a number of the “Pals” toiling away in a weapons factory —are we saving them or enforcing the clearly illegal labor?Pocketpair

Even after watching the trailer I’ve come away with more questions than answers. How will Game Freak react to something so similar to Pokémon? Not to mention, the timing of its release also seems to coincide with Pokémon Legends: Arceus. I guess we can only wait and see, but until then you can watch the full trailer here.


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