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One of the most breathtaking PS4 games of all time is only $10 right now

A visual masterpiece imbued with some of the most hardcore Norse mythology. (Don't worry it'll work on PS5, too.)

Santa Monica Studio outdid itself by creating God of War 4, the action-adventure game that packs not only riveting Norse mythology this round but also some of the most stunning visuals in video game history.

This time Kratos and his arrow-wielding son, Atreus, head up north to spread the ashes of his late wife at the top of the daunting nine realms in Norse cosmology.

The creatures are foreign, the deities are hungry for blood, and there are dragons to be liberated — Reginn, Otr, and Fáfnir — among other jaw-dropping tasks and battles.

For a limited time, God of War 4 on PS4 is over 50 percent off, going from almost $19.99 to just $9.99. Don't worry, it'll play on PS5, too.

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The original God of War series has already amassed a cult-like following for its remarkable combo of stellar storytelling (think mythologies) and superb graphics with addictive battle play. GoW4 is no different and worth a try for both beginners and veterans of the GoW verse.

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