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Rockstar’s best-selling games are more than half off right now

Rockstar Games is offering discounts on certain GTA titles, Red Dead Redemption II, and LA Noire.

Trevor Phillips piloting a fighter jet in Grand Theft Auto V. Video games. Gaming. Rockstar games.

A number of titles from Rockstar Games, the iconic publisher behind franchises like Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and Red Dead Redemption (RDR), are currently on sale through Green Man Gaming. The ultimate edition of RDR II is marked down by 53 percent — from $99.99 to $53.99, while the premium edition of GTA V is being reduced by 58 percent — from $29.98 to $12.74.

Green Man Gaming
Sometimes it’s nice to aimlessly pilot an aircraft amidst the chaos of GTA.

Discounted GTA V bundles are also available including: The great white shark card ($44.98 to $24.47), megalodon shark card (from $89.57 to $48.73), and whale shark card (from $60.28 to $32.28). Each of these bundles comes with the premium edition of GTA V and also a cash card equipped with GTA dollars to be spent in the online mode of the game.

Almost every situation can escalate into this while playing RDR II.
Williamson — A major antagonist in RDR II, will be unkind regardless of the stupidity of your actions.

Both RDR II and GTA V have been out for a while now but offer plenty of opportunities to indulge in carnage. The calling card for these titles has been the shamelessness in which it allows players to be ruthless. So go ahead, wreak some havoc.


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