An ode to 8-bit and some of the wonderful games it produced

Good graphics are all about communicating clarity and quality in a small grid. 8-bit did that gracefully. Here's an homage to the addictive style that will never die.

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'Road Fighter'

Move left, move right, and accelerate. This 8-bit beauty kept things sweet and simple. And fast.

Road Fighter / Nintendo

'Galaxian' (and 'Galaga')

Both editions shared one thing in common: intergalactic insanity. You didn't need complicated graphics to shoot enemy spacecraft down. Just straightforward pixels in their full glory.



Balloons. Arrows. What more do you need?

Pooyan / Nintendo

'Wonder Boy'

Wonder Boy

'Kung Fu'

One bridge. Many enemies. And you're a nimble fighter. You don't need a heavy-lifting GPU for this 8-bit treat.

Kung Fu Remix


Remember Contra? Nintendo continues to boast this title in its arcade archives.

Contra / Nintendo

'Mario Brothers'


'Skate or Die'

Yet another simple 8-bit wonder. So radical.

'The Legend of Zelda'

How could we ever leave this beauty out?


'Vice: Project Doom'

Vice: Project Doom / YouTube


Another 8-bit masterpiece.



Disney's 'Aladdin'

'Castlevania III'

Castlevania III / Giphy

By no means is this list the definitive verdict on 8-bit wonders. But if there is one 8-bit game that continues to rule the hearts of millions upon millions of gamers, it is the beautiful Tetris.


Sales figures from six years ago indicate Tetris sold 500 million copies, making it the bestselling game of all time. It's no surprise when you see how refreshingly uncomplicated its nature and visuals are. You could even argue Tetris truly embodies the essence of 8-bit art: unpretentious, direct, and clear.


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