Lose yourself in ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ for nearly half the price

Even without a VR headset, the game immerses you in its intergalactic piloting experience.

Star Wars: Squadrons is the latest addition to the franchise’s dogfight-centric pilot games. Gamers play both sides of the aisle in this story-driven romp with single and multiplayer modes.

A VR headset and a joystick will offer the most visceral experience, but a standard gaming PC setup is more than enough to start your engines.

EA Games/YouTube

Multiplayer dogfights can be toe-to-toe missions or even more strategic fleet battles, maxing out at five human players or AI-controlled ones on each side. Strategy and teamwork are major components of the game, relegating single-player mode to little more than a tutorial.

EA Games/YouTube

Through gameplay, customizations can be unlocked for avatars and components of the eight ships available. The unique strengths of each ship allow for brash attack missions as well as stealthy maneuvers.

Steam is currently offering Star Wars: Squadrons for $23.99 (40 percent off its usual $39.99) until January 5, 2021, so grab it before this deal jumps into hyperspace.

EA Games/YouTube

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