Leaks show off 'Pokémon Shining Diamond and Brilliant Pearl' remakes

Nintendo is scrambling to remove all traces of the gameplay but the damage has already been done.

Gameplay of two anticipated Pokémon remakes — Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl — has leaked just ahead of the games’ launch on November 19.

Manaphy, a water-type mythical Pokémon, just relaxing Pokémon

Physical copies of the games were supposedly let loose into the wild ahead of their planned release date, with information about them surfacing first on Reddit via a now defunct post.

The leaks surfaced around the same time as this trailer that showed off a new facility in the games known as Ramanas Park.Pokémon

Nintendo has scrambled to wipe traces of the early footage off the internet

The whole situation is reminiscent of the leaks that plagued 2019’s release of Pokémon(s) Sword and Shield.

The battle system looks stunning and plush, offering a more modern spin than Sword and Shield did.Pokémon

Shining Peal and Brilliant Diamond will offer more than just a faithful remaster of the original titles for the Nintendo DS. Features like the grand underground, super contest shows, and Ramanas Park will inject some freshness into the games.

More footage from the Ramanas Park trailer.Pokémon

We’ll see if leaks extend to the release of Pokémon Arceus but until then here’s a good rundown of what was uncovered by those who managed to get their hands on early copies of Diamond and Pearl.


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