These cutesy sex toys are designed to be shown off in your home

From the animal-inspired to, of course, fruit.

Sometimes an email pops into your inbox that simply cannot be ignored. Such was the case with the drop for this line of vibrators, described by Chinese sex toy-maker, Sowonder, as intimate products you can "decorate your room with." It's a bold claim... but not exactly unfounded.

The company — which also seems to sell under the name YY Horse — offers sex toys in a slew of designs that wouldn't look all that out of place on a bedside table or dresser, especially if the minimalist cutesy aesthetic is your thing.

Some are undeniably adorable...

Sowonder/ YY Horse

others, questionably functional.

Fruit-inspired sex toys from Chinese maker Sowonder.

There are animal-inspired designs.Sowonder/YY Horse
And, of course, fruits.

Where exactly this one fits into it all is kind of a mystery, but I had to see it so now you do, too.

In any case, all are available on Alibaba for ridiculously low prices (be warned: you likely get what you pay for), and the company's message is something we can all get behind.

Sex toys from Chinese maker Sowonder.

“YY Horse wants to eliminate public discrimination against female masturbation, promoting women’s right to enjoy sex. Sex, masturbation, both for men and women, it’s a natural thing to do. It’s not a monster, it doesn’t have to be covered. No shame.”

YY Horse

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