These geometric self-portraits will blow your spherical mind

This is your mind. This is your mind on 3D animation.

Art from graphic designer and digital artist, Omar Aqil. Digital art. CGI. Animation. Fine art. Grap...

Sometimes all it takes to make an interesting self-portrait are a few good shapes — or in the case of Omar Aqil maybe a few dozen.

In this short series titled 2050, Aqil, an artist from Lahore Pakistan, blends together abstract 3D objects to form his own human-like bust.

While the works look a little like a menagerie of materials and objects that could’ve been curated from one’s office Aqil says the creations are less pointed than that and focus more on form and geometry than commentary.

“This is an experimental series. I am just trying to play with random shapes and from to make self-portrait compositions... Don’t take it seriously.”

Omar Aqil

Self-portraits aren’t the only way Aqil blends together his penchant for 3D art and geometry. The artist also creates digital art exploring web design, collaborations with sneaker brands, and even Google.

And these CGI renditions of Picasso paintings...

If you’re a fan of Aqil’s work you can check out more on his Instagram or here on his website.

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