This one-wheeled electric motorcycle concept is out of control

It looks like something straight out of a cyberpunk fever dream.

Nacho Alfonso

On Behance, designer Nacho Alfonso has shared his concept for a one-wheeled electric motorcycle. Using the Honda branding, the Baiku imagines what a new type of electric, micro-mobility vehicle might look like.

Nacho Alfonso

Small, single-passenger electric vehicles have exploded in popularity in just the past few years. Now it’s not unusual to see electric bikes and scooters zipping past in cities around the world.

Petko Ninov/E+/Getty Images

The advent of these vehicles has been great, but the Baiku is what we really want.

Nacho Alfonso

Alfonso imagines Baiku as a self-balancing electric scooter that can stand on a single wheel. The motorcycle would utilize a gyroscope and accelerometers to enable it to balance itself.

The idea isn’t totally unheard of either. Segway has already been selling self-balancing scooters for years. But the Baiku looks a lot cooler, to be frank.


Besides balancing on its own, the Baiku’s rectangular body features an LED light array for night use.

Nacho Alfonso

And in front of the rider is a long display that shows all the necessary information

Nacho Alfonso

It’s a cool concept — just a shame that it’s not real. Fortunately, the space of actual electric motorcycles is evolving rapidly with a lot of innovation demonstrating how electrification can redefine mobility.

Small electric vehicles promise to not only reduce emissions but also cut down on urban congestion and fatalities. And riding electric vehicles is just fun.

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