This BMW e-motorcycle concept is basically just a big battery

A striking idea of how batteries could influence the design of future motorcycles.

A designer created a concept BMW electric racing bike.
Rodrigo Magro Mañas / Yanko Design

Café racers, stripped-back street racing bikes, have exploded in popularity in recent years. Simultaneous growth in the availability of electric bikes begs for an electric café racer.

Designer Rodrigo Magro Mañas created this concept bike for BMW’s namesake Motorrad brand, envisioning how electrification might influence future café racers.

Rodrigo Magro Mañas / Yanko Design

Unfortunately, this concept just ain’t it.

Rodrigo Magro Mañas / Yanko Design

The problem is that the bike has that huge compartment in the center carrying the battery and motor. It looks very front-heavy. The stainless steel color is also just, meh. It reminds us of, well...

Rodrigo Magro Mañas/Yanko Design

Of course, we like that Mañas envisions a future in which batteries are a core feature of motorcycles.

Electric bikes are more sustainable, quieter, and can pack some serious performance. They promise the power you crave, with a fraction of the environmental impact.

But we want something a bit more attractive, like Zero’s line of sleek bikes or even the Arc Vector, which like Mañas’ concept is a café racer-type bike.

Zero Electric Motorycle


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