Teenage Engineering wants you to 3D-print your home audio accessories

The company's collab with Ikea is cooler than ever, thanks to free 3D printer files.

Teenage Engineering x Ikea

Teenage Engineering's collab with Ikea created some of the year's hottest audio products.

The Frekvens designs had us all kinds of worked up.

Now Teenage Engineering has released a full line of "hacks" (read: accessories) for the collection. And they're all free... sort of.

You're going to need a 3D printer, but all of the .stl files are available for free download from the Teenage Engineering site. Just load up the right filaments, print away, and assemble using the included guide.

The collection features gorgeous handles, shutters, and wheels, amongst other slick accessories like stands.

"I wanted the collection to be equal playful and flirtatious, no ifs and buts."

The project's lead designer

See the rest of the collection and download the files over here.

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