Sony's Vision-S 02 electric SUV explained in 5 key stats

A new prototype proves Sony is taking electric vehicles seriously.

Sony is synonymous with a lot of things (game consoles, or lack thereof, cameras, wacky commercials), but making vehicles is not currently among those categories — at least not yet.

As evidenced by a pair of recent prototype EVs, Sony is making a push into electric vehicles, and among them is a new SUV that boasts some impressive, albeit incomplete, specs.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Vision-S 02 in 5 key stats...



Not to shabby for a relative starter car.

Sony’s Vision-S 02 won’t be lacking in juice. Though 536 horsepower, doesn’t put it in the extreme end of the spectrum like Rivian’s 800-horsepower R1S, Sony clearly envisions (pun intended) its upcoming SUV as a high-performance vehicle.


That's how many passengers you'll be able to cram inside the Vision-S 02.

The Vision-S 02 will have no fewer than seven seats, making it more of a family-sized vehicle. This thing is also loaded with screens, so you won’t have to worry about anyone getting bored on long, arduous rides.


The number of safety sensors on the vehicle.

Like the Visions-S 02’s sedan counterpart, the SUV will come equipped with 40 different safety sensors designed to monitor traffic and even help the vehicle park automatically. Cameras, LiDAR and radar give the car a full 360-degree view of its environment according to Sony.

It’s worth noting that Sony is also working on a level 2 self-driving system, so it’s possible the Vision cars may have some autonomous capabilities as well.


The Vision-S 02 will use a dual-motor design.

With a dual-motor design, we can assume the Vision-S 02 will have decent range. Sony hasn’t made any specific claims about the SUV’s max distance, but we might not have to wait too long for estimates. After all, Sony says it actually plans to bring the Vision-S 02 to production.


The Vision-S 02 will join the newest generation of connectivity.

Sony’s SUV goes all-in on entertainment, so naturally it’ll need some real connectivity. With 5G, Sony says riders will be able to stream movies, tv, and even full-fledged video games. Naturally the vehicle will also be DualShock compatible so you can catch up on all the latest PlayStation titles — hopefully not while you’re driving.

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