Mara Paris’ functional jewelry shows AirPods earrings might actually work

We’re torn here. Are these AirPods earrings genius or absurd?

An ear cuff by Mara Paris which is able to hold your AirPods. It functions as both holding ring and ...
Mara Paris

The arrival of AirPods bling was only a matter of time, but so far most of these products have been visual letdowns. Soon after Apple AirPods hit the market, designers jumped on the opportunity to create ear cuffs that blended beauty with functionality to help AirPods owners stop losing their precious buds.


Mara Paris is no exception. The jewelry brand, run by architect Ayça Özbank Taşkan, now offers the Pod Cuff. Of course, Mara Paris isn't revolutionizing the concept of ear cuffs for your earbuds. Louis Vuitton has its own version sold at $350 with the signature LV symbols like the Monogram Flower and LV Circle. Artists on Etsy and beyond are also offering the same, as reported by Gizmodo, at obviously much more affordable rates.

Mara Paris
But can an AirPod cuff be useful and chic simultaneously? Mara Paris says the Pod Cuff “blends functional art and design to facilitate modern human connection and experience.”

The nickel-free ear cuff is handmade, comes in 925 Sterling silver, has the Mara Paris logo engraved on it, and can gracefully hold your Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro. It’s actually sophisticated-looking and doesn't arrive with any extra sparkling cabochon.

Mara Paris

Let’s talk about money for a second.

A pair of these ultramodern earbud cuffs that look like Dune accessories will cost you approximately $283. That’s on top of shipping and handling costs.

Mara Paris

If silver isn’t your mood, the company has plans to launch the same design in gold vermeil in the future.

Mara Paris

Most of the time, AirPods bling is unforgivably tacky. Crawlers or cuffs, this type of jewelry is often noticeably gaudy and carries more burden than benefit by hanging like rocks off your earlobes. They’re clunky and dull, and as you could tell with the Louis Vuitton edition, needlessly expensive.

Lukesistegià / Giphy

Mara Paris, though, is getting the design for these earbuds right. It’s lustrous, smooth, and delightfully lightweight. Even without AirPods, these cuffs perfectly complement everyday apparel. Our only qualm? The price tag. It’s difficult to imagine the average AirPods owner putting almost $300 on the table for a pair of these silver beauties. But if you’re in the mood to splurge — you do own AirPods, after all — the Pod Cuffs is a nice little accessory to treat yourself to.

Mara Paris

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