Lego’s Vespa scooter set looks just as iconic as the real thing

The 1,106-piece set pays homage to the classic Italian scooter and its instantly-recognizable look.

Lego Vespa 125

When talking about Italian vehicles, it’s hard not to immediately jump to mainstays like Lamborghini or Ferrari. Those legendary sports car brands have already gotten the spotlight with their own Lego sets.

Now it’s time for a more humble — but arguably just as iconic — brand to get the same treatment: Meet the Lego Vespa.


With Vespa recently celebrating its 75th anniversary, Lego worked with the Italian scooter brand to recreate the Vespa 125 model, which is inspired by the classic Vespa Piaggio from the 60s, except in brick form.


Rare blue bricks

The Vespa 125 set includes 1,106 pieces, most of them in a rare shade of pastel blue. Lego did an amazing job at translating the design of the Vespa using Lego bricks, staying true to the original design and adding little accents that really tie the set together.

Marco Lambri, head of the Piaggio Group Design Center, said in a press release that the challenge was to have the soft shapes of the Vespa come through in the Lego brick medium.

Lego designed the handlebars to actually steer the front tire and included a removable cover in the rear that reveals the brick engine, just like the real scooter.

The set maintains its authenticity with stickers for the Vespa logo and an old-school Italian license plate design. There’s also the unique kickstand that props up the Vespa, making it easy to display.


A pop of color

But it’s the little details that really tie Lego’s Vespa set together, like the basket holding a bouquet of flowers that adds a nice pop of yellow to contrast the light blue paint job. There’s even a helmet that you can hang off the handlebars or prop onto the seat.



Still cheaper than an actual Vespa.

The Vespa 125 set feels a little pricey at $100, but is available on Lego’s website. And if you already have the Lego Fiat 500, the Vespa set is the perfect addition to round out the little corner of Italian vehicles in your home.


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