Incredible cutaways reveal retro tech's secrets

'Inside Information' takes a fun look at some of the most iconic gadgets of yesteryear.

Cutaway illustration of a Moog synthesizer

Ever wondered what's going on inside the most iconic gadgets? Ali, Phil, Jim, and Tich did — the U.K.-based collective works under the name Dorothy, and they've produced a series of stunning images imagining life beneath the surface — as told through tiny, illustrated characters recreating iconic, historical moments.


Let's start with a true icon: the original 1984 Macintosh computer.

Wikimedia Commons
Apple MacintoshDorothy

As you can probably tell, they're not true to life. But the £30 (around $40) posters are an imaginative look at all the features and history of these category-defining products.

Sam Wasson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Next up, a Moog synthesizer...


The collection covers physical products that defined generations of technology, culture, and art...

Wikimedia Commons

Did you spot this famous film figure in the last drawing?

Wikimedia Commons

Who knows which gadgets of the future could one day receive the same treatment? A Tesla perhaps? Or maybe AirPods. The iPhone is certainly deserving. But, ultimately, it's up to the Dorothy team.

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