Hyundai’s hydrogen-powered car concepts are retro-futuristic eye candy

While it is unclear whether or not the concepts will be commercially available, they sure look good on the race track.


At the end of last week Hyundai unveiled two high-performance concept vehicles: the RN22e and the N Vision 74 which take after some of the automaker’s other all-electric vehicles like the IONIQ 6 and the N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo.

A look at the RN22e, which incorporates motorsports into its aesthetic. It comes with a wide body and wheels with large diameters.Hyundai

Both concepts are the result of Hyundai’s Rolling Lab project which, seeks to mesh the worlds of technological advancement with future models in its N line. All of the company’s N models are meant to have racetrack capability, while functioning as a daily sports car.

The N Vision 74 is a concept that makes use of hydrogen fuel cells, allowing for a more sustainable high-performance ride.Hyundai

The announcement of these two vehicles signals an effort to provide “electrified high-performance.” There are no plans right now to produce these cars commercially, but Hyundai intends to incorporate their features within future N-line models.

While an exact number wasn’t provided, we know that both models are capable of speeds exceeding 155 mph. Hyundai

The RN22e measures a little wider and taller (2,023 x 1,479 mm) than the N Vision 74 (1,995 x 1,331 mm), while sporting a slightly wider wheelbase, but the latter offers a stronger motor, providing more power and torque to its rear wheels. You can check out an in-depth spec list for the RN22e here and the N Vision 74 here.


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