Custom controllers are where art and gaming truly fuse

A Hokusai gamepad, anyone?

Vintage monochrome video game seamless pattern with electronic gaming devices and gadgets on dark ba...

Reddit user kylejrowland customized this impressive Deadpool Xbox controller.

Here's a burst of color in Reddit user be_bi_bo_banna's Xbox controller.

be_bi_bo_banna / Reddit

Reddit user CivilGuy93 gave the Tolkien verse a treat: a Lord of The Rings-inspired PS4 controller.

CivilGuy93 / Reddit

Reddit user MatteBlack12's customized controller, which is kind of a delight.

MatteBlack12 / Reddit

Reddit user cesar0900's Attack On Titan-inspired PS4 controller packs a punch, no pun intended.

cesar0900 / Reddit

Hate it or love it, Joker has a vicious grip on pop culture. Gaming is no exception. So here's Reddit user bombshell67's Joker-inspired controller.

bombshell67 / Reddit

There's no forgetting this new Hokusai-inspired Xbox controller. It's hard to say if this will ever reach the marketplace but a little digging through r/customcontrollers might help you learn how to spice your controller up.

For the more minimalistically inclined, Reddit user V1n's wooden masterpiece.

V1n / Reddit

YouTube user Scribble Fix recently shared a wonderful tutorial on how to customize your controller, this time based on a Spiderman-heavy theme. If not that, how about this LED mod for your PS4 controller?

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