Cake's new electric motorcycle double as a full-on mobile work bench

If you're trying to use a miter saw on the go then Cake has the perfect electric bicycle for you.

Cake's new work series electric motorcycle

Pickup trucks no longer have a monopoly on modes of transportation that also provide people a mobile work bench.

Electric bike company, Cake, now has a whole line of motorcycles devoted to facilitating handiwork for people that need to take tools on the go.

The company is upgrading three models, including the Kalk, Makka, and the Ösa, all of which will come with accessories like cargo boxes and reverse charging for powering electric tools.

Or, you know, the ability to mount a whole miter saw.

Makka Work

The work version of Cake’s electric moped, a modification on the Makka Flex, comes with a 28 mph top speed and a 62-mile range. The Makka Work can be purchased in four preset configurations — the Clean, Original, Deli and the Express, all of which come with their own perks. Cake is also offering a “configure your own” option.


The Makka Work starts at $5,000 USD and is slated to ship in Spring 2022.

Ösa Work (and Flex)

The Ösa Work is part work bench, part towing truck and comes in a moped variant called the Flex. While the Flex offers slightly more range at 87 miles on a charge (about 10 more miles than the regular work version), the standard iteration is faster and prioritizes hauling capabilities for “towing truck-like” performance.

$10.5 k

Delivery dates are slated for Spring 2022.

Kalk Work

The Kalk Work excels for off-roading according to Cake and is being marketed towards people who work in, “surveillance jobs, patrolling, inspection, service or other work that requires access to remote areas.” The Work version of the Kalk is street legal but comes with off-road tires.


Delivery is slated for Spring 2022.

While Cake’s work series might not appeal to everyone, for people in specialized situations like delivery or trades like plumbing and electrical, the additions might actually provide a lot of value, and who knows, it might even save you from spending $30,000 on a whole work van.

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