BMW's e-bike concept has the speed and range of a motorcycle

BMW says its i Vision AMBY electric bicycle concept will have a whopping 186 miles of range.

Choosing whether to buy an electric bicycle or a full-blown electric motorcycle can be tough. Maybe the answer is neither, but BMW is hoping you decide the answer is actually, “yes.”

Introducing: BMW’s i Vision AMBY

Is it an e-bike? Is it an e-motorcycle? Why not both.

The i Vision AMBY concept, unveiled by BMW at the IAA Mobility show in Germany, is a high-speed “pedelec,” meaning riders must continuously pedal in order to activate the bike’s electric drive system. While lower speeds range from 15.5 mph to 28 mph, the bike would also offer a “multi-lane” mode with extra juice.

37 mph

Top speeds would require insurance plates and a license.

Speed would be adjustable by way of a corresponding mobile app according to BMW but could theoretically be automated with a geofence, meaning the i Vision AMBY’s top speed automatically shifts when you’re in an area with specific limitations.

Speed isn’t the only thing that makes the i Vision AMBY broach electric motorcycle territory. BMW says the bike would also have a pretty stellar range...

186 miles

That's the estimate on the bike's lowest speed setting.

Despite the i Vision AMBY’s clear perks, BMW is clear about the concept being just that — a concept. For one, BMW admits that there’s “no legal framework” for a vehicle with modular speed, which makes the i Vision AMBY more of an exercise in marketing than a real product in the pipeline.

Even as a concept though, the i Vision AMBY has a lot to offer, and for anyone looking to own a happy medium between bike and motorcycle, the vehicle makes a whole lot of sense. And even if the i Vision AMBY doesn’t come to fruition, BMW has a host of other mobility concepts in the works, so you’ll likely have plenty of BMW modes of transit to choose from.

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