This Lego version of the Klingon Bird of Prey is a masterpiece

Flickr user bking2013 put his mind to it and recreated the majestic ride from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

bking2013 / Flickr

As formidable as the actual ship

The length of this custom Lego model is 20 inches long, according to user bking2013. In vertical position, the model's wings reach 30 inches.

bking2013 / Flickr

The model stands 17 inches. According to the photographer, you can lower and raise the wings by using the gear located at the rear of the ship, which is pretty amazing.

bking2013 / Flickr

A caveat applies

As bking2013 noted in a community tab, "Sadly, Lego does not own the rights to sell Star Trek themed products."

"Please," he added, "do not let that stop you from supporting. If anything, support it all the more! Tell Lego that there is interest in Star Trek Lego products."

Where's the green?

Good question. Per bking2013, red and black made this custom model much more "intimidating."

bking2013 / Flickr

bking2013 / Flickr

"Perhaps with enough supporters," bking2013 wrote, "maybe Lego will find a business case for obtaining the rights and maybe the owners of Star Trek will see that teaming with Lego makes a better business arrangement that being with a cheap knock-off."

Star Trek / Giphy

bking2013 / Flickr

Standing tall and pretty

Some models use at least 25,000 blocks.

bking2013 / Flickr

Not a fan of Star Trek Lego art?

No problem. There's plenty more inspiration for other series, films, books, and just plain beautiful versions of animals — like this stunning giraffe right here. When it comes to Lego art, the possibilities are endless.

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