This speaker from Bang & Olufsen melts right into your bookcase

Who said your speaker needs to be hefty and clunky to pack a powerful punch?

Lean speakers in golden and black tones by Bang and Olufsen. The pink ones are size models.
Bang and Olufsen

Welcome the Emerge

Bang & Olufsen's latest speaker blends into your bookcase like the perfect novel. The compact speaker, Beosound Emerge, is the company's latest audio system priced at approximately £669 (a little over $922). Whew.

Bang and Olufsen

The Emerge will be sold in European markets starting on April 15 and won’t reach markets beyond Europe until autumn of 2021, though Bang and Olufsen has yet to specify exactly when.

Bang and Olufsen

The WiFi speaker is sleek, light, and can fit onto the average bookshelf in one of two colors: golden and black anthracite. Bang & Olufsen

"Elegant and ultra-slim, it fits in anywhere – from a bookshelf in the bedroom to a tight corner in the kitchen," Bang & Olufsen announced. "And despite its size, it reaches you everywhere in the room with a full-range, ultra-wide sound."

Bang and Olufsen

“The vision for Beosound Emerge was to create the slimmest speaker possible that could still deliver full range, ultra-wide sound despite its size through its revolutionary driver configuration. Whether placed on a bookshelf in the bedroom or a tight corner of the kitchen, Beosound Emerge’s slim design allows you to extend your music to a new room or complement an existing speaker in the same area without taking up extra space.”

Christoffer Poulsen, Bang & Olufsen's senior vice president and head of product management

Bang and Olufsen

Inside the speaker there are configuration settings for a four-inch woofer, a 0.6 inch tweeter, and the ability to connect to Bluetooth, Airplay 2, Chromecast streams, Spotify, and support for Google Assistant.

Bang and Olufsen

The speaker comes with a quick start guide that will help buyers get the hang of the oak wood book-identical system. Its makers say that Emerge is a tactile experience with visual bonus points like "pearl-blasted aluminum" and knitted textile for the speaker cover.

If you're getting deja vu for Ikea's Symfonisk speakers, you're not alone. Emerge is visually compact like its Ikea competitor and decidedly different from Bang & Olufsen's previous and rather hulky speakers.

Bang and Olufsen

Of course, you’ll have to factor in the price tag to fit the sophisticated Emerge into your budget. But if you’re the kind of audiophile who appreciates a system with gorgeous design and features like thermal protection and adaptive bass — all weighing in somewhere between 1.30 kg to 1.38 kg — paying approximately $922 for the Emerge doesn’t sound so rough.

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