YouTube finally told us which vlog greeting is the least original

What's up guys! Welcome to vlogging hell!

What’s up guys! It’s your boy, James Pero here with a very special blog post — really excited for this one. Today we’re going to be talking about :[epic VFX]...


YouTube greetings!

[DJ air horn noise]

For no other reason other than to unintentionally lay bare the banal hellscape of how unoriginal we all are, YouTube has done us the enormous favor of cataloging the most popular YouTube vlog greetings.

🎥: Elena Taber

Hey guys!

Spoiler alert: they’re all pretty much exactly what you would expect, but don’t jump ship yet, because we’re about to tell you just how unoriginal each one is (with YouTube statistics), because ranking things is extremely fun and original [Sick screen wipe].

Casey Neistat on YouTube

For the best experience, we recommend smashing that volume rocker UP (that means turn your sound on because you’re going to want to listen to this one).


5.) Alright


Alright (alright, alright) accounted for just over 10 percent of all vlog greetings. May McConaughey smile upon all those who intro their vlog with this sacred word.

4.) Hi guys!


Just under 15 percent of vloggers went with the ever-faithful stalwart of greetings (A.K.A. the ham sandwich of hellos) "Hi guys."

3.) Good morning!


Nearly 18 percent of vloggers want your morning to be the goodest morning to ever morn.

2.) What’s up!


Whaaaaaasssuuuuuu uupppp.

And the number one spot goes to...

1.) Hey guys!


Hey guys, hague eyes, hay guise, hag guys, haygize, heg ize...

Okay, gentle ribbing aside, there are only so many greetings that would be socially acceptable to use in a conversational slice-of-life YouTube vlog, but just for “hey guys” and giggles I decided to test out a few new ones (and some new takes on classics) that I hope can be added to the vlog lexicon. You’re welcome in advance and please don’t forget to like and subscribe.

🎥: Loepsie

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