These robots are helping fight COVID-19 on the frontline

In a world overwhelmed by the devastating coronavirus, robots are providing some relief to hospitals, restaurants, and beyond.

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Understandably, people remain skeptical of robots and their place in our world. But as COVID-19 has fundamentally altered life as we know it, some robots have provided much-needed relief in hospitals delivering, restocking, and disinfecting items.


See Spot Run

Boston Dynamics' Spot is already helping workers at Brigham and Women's Hospital for COVID-19 procedures. Because Spot does not require PPE, the hospital staff needn't worry about additional costs (especially considering the shortage of such equipment). The hound-like robot is also proving to be helpful for telemedicine and remote communication with patients.

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“The medical team uses the robot as a mobile telemedicine platform, allowing healthcare providers to remotely triage patients. We’re listening to their feedback on how Spot can do more but are encouraged by reports that using the robot has helped their nursing staff minimize time exposed to potentially contagious patients.”

Boston Dynamics in an official statement about its COVID-19 efforts


Boston Dynamics is also using Spot to communicate with patients remotely. "Through an iPad and a two-way radio mounted on a robot’s back healthcare providers can video conference with patients as they remotely direct the mobile robot through lines of sick individuals in the tents," the company explains. Spot will soon be able to take temperatures, too.

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Sure, it's not as welcoming as a human taking your order, but robots are also showing up in restaurants. In a COVID-19 world where transmission is always a risk, these robotic waiters will take your order without compromising your health.

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The amount of revenue the autonomous robotics industry is expected to generate by 2023.

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Diligent Robotics' Moxi is also helping hospital staff by delivering medical equipment, disinfecting surfaces, and restocking items. Allowing robots to perform these tasks reduces the administrative burdens staff face, freeing them up to focus on patients.

Diligent Robotics

“We are seeing huge challenges for supply chain leaders across the logistics and manufacturing industries, from growing labor shortages and consumer expectations to a greater need for flexibility.”

Nicolas Chee, founder, and CEO of ForwardX Robotics in an interview with ZDNet

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Moxi in action

“Our AI-based automation solutions allow our customers to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape and boost their productivity and efficiency three-fold. With the fallout of COVID-19 already here, enterprises will be looking to futureproof their operations and we're going to be there with them as they make the transition.”

Nicholas Chee to ZDNet


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