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Tegan and Sara’s Sara Quin is addicted to TikTok. These are her 7 faves.

The musician is “obsessed” with videos of food prep and howling huskies.

Sara from Tegan and Sara
Trevor Brady

In January, a tweet from the official account of Tegan and Sara — the Canadian indie-pop musicians Tegan and Sara Quin, who are identical twins — caught our attention.

📷: Trevor Brady

Trevor Brady

Despite Sara’s initial resistance, three days later Tegan and Sara launched an official band account on the app. “Lesbian TIKTOK just got a teeny bit gayer,” tweeted the sisters, both of whom are queer.

📷: Trevor Brady

So we called up Sara to talk TikTok. Turns out she’s been on the app since the start of the pandemic. “As soon as I signed up, I became completely addicted,” she says. Sara’s personal account is private though: “I don’t even know if Tegan knows what it is.”

📷: Trevor Brady

The following are Sara’s seven favorite TikToks (plus one bonus video), with commentary from the musician herself.

My cat Annie runs out of the front door everyday. Full song on my IG Libbiehiggins_@libbiehiggins

“This person is genius. Someone sent me that video, and I wept. I laughed like you can’t believe, and I think it was a relief of trauma of spending the last five years guarding every entrance and exit of my home from my two cats trying to get outside.”

#chipotleismylife will be aired on MTV Ridiculousness


“This is common on a lot of social media: the person under the influence of some kind of drugs, post-surgery. I generally don’t find them funny, but for whatever reason, the Chipotle kid crying – I can imagine that being me, but it would probably be McDonald’s.”

Jalapeño kettle chips now available@dotsacos661

“This is extravagantly disgusting. And I will one thousand percent do this. When the pandemic is over and I can hang out with my weird friends again, this is something we would do at like 3 a.m.”

Today’s lunch for my husband 🍚🥟@lizastian

“I grew up in a very blue collar world, where my dad worked on construction sites. And I look at these videos, and I’m like, ‘Who, is this fascinating man who brings these weird, almost childish lunches? Where is he going? What is he doing?’”

This was crazy filling😅@itsalltommy

“There’s something loopy about this. The facial expression he makes, the way he eats, and the way that he edits it — it’s like an ASMR thing. It triggers something inside of me that is extremely satisfying.”

#duet on Heart’s “Alone”@bluntbabybri

“I am astonished by how good these duet videos are. My sister and I tried, but we could not figure out how to do this. This particular one is fantastic. I want a full recorded version of this song so I can listen to it.”

Lockdown getting to em!@chrisboudens

“This is just madness. Part of what brings me to dog videos is so that I can be reassured that cats are a better choice. I’m like, ‘Wow, these people must be way more patient and understanding and loosey-goosey than me,’ because my cat cries like once, and I feel anxious.”

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This song would have been great in a movie with vampires.@teganandsara

“The post of ours that really made me laugh was Tegan using the vampire filter. People constantly tell us that we are vampires because we don’t seem to age however they imagine we would. But the vampire filter does not make Tegan look good. I found it really funny!”

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