Stop motion mastermind recreates nature in these stunning clips

In Benoit Leva's world, natural things like leaves, stones, and luscious fruits get beautiful stop motion treatment.

Things take on different meanings

Leva is adept at playing with your mind. In this stop motion clip on his Instagram, he turns a lovely strawberry into a balloon.

Enter the trippy dimension with Leva using stop motion to turn regular stones into malleable, soft droplets of water.

Mushrooms as jellyfish

Hearty cherries as balloons

A caterpillar made entirely of different stones

Behind the scenes

Let's demystify this magic, shall we? Check the next card to see how Leva makes these fun clips happen.

It takes dedication and eye for detail to make these pleasantly surreal stop motion beauties to happen.

Strange and lovely

Feeling inspired? You can try making your own stop motion clips with apps like this one on the App Store.

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