Pokémon figures made into Japanese handicrafts may soon be yours to buy

Handmade decorative crafts have a long history in Japan.

Pokémon's official YouTube account in Japan has teased and arts and crafts product.

This week, a brief clip was released on the Japanese YouTube channel for Pokémon. In it, we see metalworking, rice straw, and leaves being used to make traditional Japanese handicraft, often small decorative pieces produced by independent artists.

The video ends by showing a Metapod, an insect-like Pokémon, made from leaves alongside the words “Coming soon,” which suggests that Japanese fans of the Pocket Monsters (as it’s known in Japan) franchise will soon be able to buy their very own Pokémon crafts.


Pokémon Japan

But traditional Japanese crafts are handmade by professionals...

tdub303/E+/Getty Images

And being from Japan, Pokémon is understandably very popular there. So we can’t imagine any limited-edition craft pieces would be cheap.

It’s possible, though, that Pokémon might release more accessible craft kits so that fans can construct creatures themselves with provided leaves or other material.

All we really know is that project is called “Pokemon x Nature x Adventure,” and will have something to do with arts and crafts.


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