Krispy Kreme is making an Xbox-themed doughnut because, why not?

Mmm, marketing gimmicks.

Xbox has had quite a few weird product crossovers over the past couple of years. You’ve got a full-sized fridge shaped like a Series X, a more manageable mini-fridge set to go on sale this year, a godless body wash made in collaboration with Axe, and now...

Krispy Kreme doughnuts

The “Nexus Level Doughnut” as it’s been dubbed is a cross-promotional stunt between Krispy Kreme and Xbox that is designed to encourage fried dough-loving customers to buy a box of Xbox themed doughnuts for a chance to win an Xbox Series S and a month of free Game Pass.

Unfortunately for those reading this in the U.S., the promotion is only rolling out in the U.K. and Ireland from August 2 until August 22, so if you want an Xbox-themed doughnut you’ll either have to catch a plane or make them yourself.

Whether you can actually get your hands on a doughnut or not, you have to appreciate the marketing savvy here, even if it pales in comparison to KFC’s absolutely bonkers gaming PC that also heats up fried chicken.