Blow your mind by peeping the Northern Lights from 70,000 feet

Pilot Ross Franquemont captured some incredible views on his journey via a high-altitude spy plane.

Meet Ross Franquemont, a pilot from North Carolina, he goes by the name "Extreme Ross."

From 2005 to 2019, Ross flew the U-2 Dragon Lady spy plane from Beale Air Force Base in California.

Extreme Ross

Lockheed's U-2 is a spy plane that soars at altitudes as high as 70,000 feet. It's used by US intelligence agencies like the CIA for high-level reconnaissance.

Franquemont's flights put him face-to-face with some of the most dazzling spectacles, including the Aurora Borealis.


"I had no idea how fast the aurora moved and changed. It danced around, changing shape several times a second. That made it a challenge for the photographer in a spacesuit sitting in shaking metal can moving 500 mph."

Ross Franquemont

Ross' photos capture the incredible views from 70,000 feet that only a select few are lucky enough to see.

Extreme Ross

The Aurora Borealis is not the only subject that "Extreme Ross" captured on his travels. Check out this incredible view of the Afghan desert.

Extreme Ross
The Hindu Kush.Extreme Ross

Ross also captured an eclipse in beautiful detail. Check out the virtual reality version on YouTube.

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Ross offers prints and memorabilia, where you can buy large-size versions of his most impressive works, on his online store.

Extreme Ross

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