Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry on the 7 devices she can’t live without

From her MacBook Air to her smart alarm clock, these are some of the singer’s favorite screens.

The indie synth-pop band Chvrches
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The Scottish synth-pop trio Chvrches’ excellent new album is called Screen Violence, which was an early proposed name for the band. “We initially came up with ‘Screen Violence’ because we all love that era of horror movies — the David Cronenberg-y Videodrome type space,” says singer Lauren Mayberry.

Chvrches explores horror tropes on the new album, its fourth. “Every song has a reference to something in the cinematic or horror movie universe,” Mayberry says. The band even teamed up with Halloween director John Carpenter, himself a musician, on a split 7-inch.

“We named the album Screen Violence before everybody had to do everything on Zoom all the time,” Mayberry says. “So we didn’t anticipate the third meaning of it.”

In keeping with the screen theme, we asked Mayberry to tell us about the devices she and the band rely on...

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MacBook Air

In March 2020, Iain went back to Scotland, and myself and Martin stayed in Los Angeles. The rest of the record was made remotely using Zoom and Audiomovers. My poor little laptop, she’s on her last legs and struggled running so many programs. I had to get a fan stand because it was overheating.”


Samsung 50” FHD smart TV

“Last year, I was in my house watching fucktons of television and movies, telling myself it was research for the album. I enjoyed Scream on a rewatch. Especially in terms of the album themes, I quite like the fact that it’s pretty meta — it’s a film about films.”


iPhone XR

“Everyone’s relationship with their phone is potentially contentious. I tried to set myself 30 minutes a day social media time, and I think I’ve gotten better at that. It’s really the only place that you can directly engage with people who like your music.”


Panasonic HC-WXF991K camcorder

“I don’t know what we’ll ever use [the video I take] for, but I like the idea that there will be a two-minute snippet of us driving in a van that I can look at in five years. Sometimes capturing the mundane stuff is just as important.”

Amazon Kindle

I was adamant for a long time that I did not want to get a Kindle, because I, like many people, am uncomfortable with parts of Amazon. But on tour, the Kindle is practical. I just finished a book called Dead Girls by Alice Bolin.”

Nintendo Switch

“Iain and Martin are huge gamers. I feel bad saying it — because we’ve been so welcomed by the gaming community and put songs in so many video games — but I, myself, am not a gamer. I feel like a traitor.”


HeimVision A80S Sunrise Alarm Clock

“For the 10 minutes before it goes off, it will start to light up, and then it whispers chimes to you. My boyfriend set an alarm on his phone the other day, and he used the the fuckin’ nuclear radar sound. I like not to shit my pants from panic at 7 a.m.”


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