ChopFit is a fitness ax for people who want to look like a complete psycho while working out

Make your workout look strangely medieval for $139.

The Chopper is ChopFit's answer to working out your core through differentiated focal points. The company says it's the perfect workout prop for flexibility, portability, and durability.


How heavy the ax might feel during your workout — but it actually weighs just four pounds.

According to ChopFit, the benefit of using a Chopper (for $139) is that its weight distribution targets multiple muscles and power centers in your body. Depending on where you grab it, the ax will feel as though it weighs between six to 16 pounds.

Chopper's creators note that the ax has the ability to maximize the average workout into a far more intense, and ultimately rewarding, physical endeavor. Take this squat for example.

Nowadays, no fitness program is complete without its own app. The same applies to ChopFit's Chopper. The company has an app for the formidable ax on iOS with plans to release an Android iteration soon.

Your fitness regimen doesn't have to be complicated. But if you're in the mood to amplify your routine and add some spice to it, this ax will take things up ten notches.

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