A one-sentence review of new emojis in iOS 14.2

New emojis are here to save you from the tyranny of complete sentences.

Whoever sends this to me is CANCELLED.

Sometimes the original heart emoji just isn't metal enough.

For when you get played

We already know this one is going to get banned from Instagram.

Sassy bug loves to dance.

Poor red and yellow bell peppers get no respect.

What did the father buffalo say to his son when he left for college?

There's a 13/13 chance that this emoji explodes in October.

Sexually frustrated pods from Alien.

Physics dictates that if you send this emoji, the recipient must send it back.

There are way too many balls in these new emojis.

Useful for describing your binge drinking.

Veni, vidi, emoji.

You can finally start using Bitcoin in everyday transactions.

This emoji looks so familiar, but we can't place the face...

Going up?

Okay, boomer.

When your non-foodie friends take two bites and say they're full.

It's a dinosaur egg; it's a cracker; it's a.... flatbread?

Fondue or fondon't you like this emoji?

Gossip kings and queens: it you.

2020 in one emoji.

Tinder is going to freak out over the new hook up emoji.

Tom Nook is gonna be the death of me.

We get it... you're into shibari.

Climbing up in life. #adulting

For when you want to say "Donkey Kong Jungle Beat" with one tap.

This one means "quit smoking and wear a mask."

We demand to be taken seriously.

This is going to come in handy the next time we see a mammoth-sized anything.

"I have not slept in months."

I paid $4,000 for this dress and I will wear it whenever I like, thank you very much.

This is a Call of Duty emoji if we ever saw one.

Mirror , mirror on the wall, who's the biggest TikTokker of them all?

"It's a trap!"

If you kill Santa, you become Santa.

Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova — but your dad just calls me Katya.

Everyone knows this is Naruto underneath.

This looks like Yoda's Fleshlight.

*Whispers* "I also hate human contact."

"Go the fuck to sleep."

The poor man's Cybertruck.

Rarely is there an emoji that says both "birthday candy" and "I am about to be beaten beyond recognition."


Black Lives Matter.

Perfect for when someone's sucking out all the fun in a group text.

The Coca-Cola polar bear finally made it.

Fake plant? Definitely a fake plant seen on every YouTuber's desk. Ever.

You rock.

Make it 1977 again through science or magic.

Any Doctor Who fans here?

This will come in handy whenever we go clubbing!

We're gonna be using this a lot to patch up broken friendships and relationships.

Finally some representation on the keyboard. It's important to see yourself on screen.

Chili today, hot tamale!

Spill it, honey!

"Thong sandal?" Excuse me, this is a flip-flop. Kthxbye.

Instead of trying to come up with a pun we're just going to be honest and say that this toothbrush looks like an eggplant emoji if you know what we mean.

The best version of Windows yet.

I can hear this emoji saying "Actually, recent studies have shown that breast milk—"

Finally! A Marlene Dietrich emoji!

However they identify, people are going to think this emoji is toothpaste.

This emoji has something to tell you.

When a slimeball slides into your DMs.

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