SpaceX Starship SN10: 5 images reveal pure destruction

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On Wednesday, SpaceX celebrated the successful launch, flight, and landing of the SN10, the latest prototype of the company's Starship rocket.

Twitter user @thejackbeyer put together a composite image showing the SN10's trajectory in flight.

But while the SN10 stuck the landing — the prototype's big debut ended explosively...
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SpaceX fans on Twitter were not deterred by the fiery ending.

SpaceX fans on Twitter were not deterred by the fiery ending. Instead, they shared these five incredible images of the SN10's wreckage.

Twitter user @DaytonCostlow posted this image of the SN10's wrecked engine skirt Thursday.


Twitter user @austinbarnard45 shared a veritable cornucopia of wreck images, including close-ups of the damaged Raptor engines.


This seems like an understatement...


Some parts of the exploded prototype made it pretty far from the landing pad, according to observers at the scene.


And finally, these crumpled metal pieces show the sheer force of the explosion that destroyed SN10.


SpaceX CEO Elon Musk's personal take...

SN10 will be succeeded by SN11 — the launch date has not yet been scheduled for the next iteration of the Starship.


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