PS5 vs Xbox Series X: The console war in 7 numbers

We finally know the prices, specs, and release dates. So how do Sony and Microsoft's next-gen consoles stack up?

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The price of Microsoft's budget-friendly Xbox Series S console.

825 GB

That's the amount of onboard storage in both PS5 models. With many games weighing in at more than 100 GB each, that's gonna fill up fast.



The number of teraflops in the Xbox Series X processor. Of the four next-gen console models, the Series X is the most powerful.



The price of both the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition and the Xbox Series X.


The number of confirmed launch titles for PlayStation 5, as of September 17.

63 million

The number of Switch consoles sold since March 2017. Despite all the hype around Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo's still a huge force to be reckoned with this holiday.

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The monthly payment for an Xbox Series X and a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which includes more than 100 games.

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