Gamer candles! 4 new scents from Wick & Skull, ranked

Featuring Call of Duty and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Wick & Skull Co. is at it again with “gamer candles.” The company has already released gaming-inspired candles based on Binding of Issac, Dead by Daylight, and Back 4 Blood. Some of its scents also feature anime girls from games-related media like Chompette.

The company was kind enough to send us their latest releases to test. These include the official Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands candle and three Call of Duty Warzone candles: Nuketown, Second Chance, and Pacific.

Wick & Skull prides itself on candles “developed by gamers who want to level up your gaming experience.” So, do these candles elevate the “gamer experience”? And, most important of all, what do they smell like? Let’s find out.

4. Nuketown

Smells like: Gunpowder, smoke, and total chaos.

Nuketown actually does remind me of gunpowder because of the smoky scent. However, when I burned it, more of the citrus scent came out. It’s like if you mixed firewood with an orange creamsicle.

3. Second Chance

Smells like: Dark musk, amber, and coriander. Whatever that means.

Two of Second Chance’s highlighted notes are things that don’t have actual smells: dark musk and amber. To be fair, it kind of does smell like what I imagine a scented rock would be like — or if someone spritzed a pebble with Victoria’s Secret perfume.

2. Pacific

Smells like: A tropical vacation with 150 friends. In this pandemic? Psh.

Pacific is a beachier, lighter scent than the others. Imagine a pina colada but a candle. To be fair, it has a fresher smell — like laundry or linen-scented products — instead of a sweet one. This could be because of the sandalwood and cedar notes, which are otherwise not noticeable.

1. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Smells like: Chaotic great.

The Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands candle was the only non-Call of Duty branded candle in the package. It has one of the strongest scents, but I’m all for it. It smells like fruit-flavored candy.

So would I buy these for myself? No, but that’s because my lungs are sensitive.

Gamer candles are a cool concept. However, some essential oils can be harmful to pets and people with asthma and similar conditions. I held off on testing these for a bit because my elderly dog would cough when they were in use nearby.

Another gripe: They’re kind of pricey. These Wick & Skull candles are great for a more complex scent with fresh, woodsy tones. However, if you’re more of a fruity or sweet candle lover, you’re probably better off with Bath & Body Works.

These are essentially just regular candles with a game’s picture printed on the outside. After all, it’s not like they actually smell like the games. I imagine the Gulag would smell more like blood and dirt instead of Abercrombie & Fitch.

The Inverse verdict:

I wouldn’t buy them unless I were a big Call of Duty or Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands fan. The three-pack of Call of Duty candles are on sale right now, so now’s actually the best time to get them.

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