The top 5 wonderfully weird moments from Earthbound

The oddball classic celebrates its 25th anniversary this June.

5. Dungeon Man

What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets! Apparently, they are also dungeons you can explore and even briefly join your party, at least in Earthbound.

4. Moonside

Ever wanted to see two children go on a drug trip in a strange city? Well, that basically happens when an evil Mani Mani statue sends Ness and Jeff to an alternate version of Fourside, until they beat said statue in battle.

3. Mole cave

While the Guardian Digger moles of Dusty Dunes Desert’s Gold Mine are supposed to be feared and powerful, every Guardian you fight boasts that they are the “third strongest mole” of the group. Have some more confidence in yourselves!

2. Mu training

When you first meet Prince Poo in Dalaam, he undergoes “Mu training” where all of his bones are broken by a spiritual entity. It's an unsettling but memorable experience that's easy to get wrong in your first playthrough.

1. Fighting Giygas

In one of gaming’s most memorable final boss fights, Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo must transfer their brains into robots, fight an unbeatable evil, and just pray for the help of their friends. It’s surprisingly touching, and has spawned loads of off-the-wall fan theories.

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