7 tips and tricks Dying Light 2 doesn't tell you

Make the most out of your time in Villedor.

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Dying Light 2 is massive, not just in terms of its map size, but also in the complexity of its mechanics and systems.


Even though it has tutorials out the wazoo, it’s easy to forget how certain things work. In some cases, there are important details the game doesn’t even tell you.


Here are 7 tips and tricks you need to know before starting Dying Light 2


7. Prioritize exploring at night

Certain areas and items are only available at night and if you survive until morning, you get a hefty chunk of bonus XP.


6. Pay attention to enemy levels

Each enemy has a number next to their health bar indicating their level. If they’re more powerful than you, you may want to come back later.


5. Don’t neglect Survivor Sense

Each time you enter a new room or area, utilize your Survivor Sense to see through walls. This notifies you of enemies, items, and objectives.


4. Go out of your way to find Inhibitors

Collect three Inhibitors to acquire an upgrade to health or stamina. Make sure to pay attention to the device in the bottom left, which indicates your proximity to an Inhibitor crate.


3. Modding a weapon also repairs it

You can’t actually repair weapons in Dying Light 2, at least not in the traditional sense. However, applying a mod to a weapon will repair it by a significant amount.


2. Use the environment to your advantage

Don’t forget to dropkick enemies off buildings, push foes into spikes on walls, and throw explosive canisters at zombies to preserve weapon strength.

1. Chase levels lead to XP multipliers

Trigger and complete a chase at night to earn bonus XP. Each chase level grants a bigger multiplier. For instance, finish a level four chase to earn five times the XP.

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