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PowerWash Simulator and 6 more relaxing Xbox Game Pass experiences

Sit back and relax.

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While challenging games can be rewarding, they also induce stress and even rage. Thankfully, there are plenty of relaxing titles available on Xbox Game Pass for you to enjoy.

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Here are 7 chill games on Xbox Game Pass you need to play ASAP

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7. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is incredible, giving you the ability to fly around the entire planet in a nearly 1-to-1 recreation of Earth.

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6. House Flipper

The real-life housing market is a mess right now. But House Flipper gives you the experience of renovating homes to sell for profit without all the real-world hassles.


5. Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, players are tasked with running a farm, while also forming relationships with the townsfolk. The game does include light combat, but it’s optional.

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4. Unpacking

There isn’t anything quite like Unpacking. In it, you unpack the contents of boxes and place them into a new home, while learning about the main character’s past. It’s certainly a clever way to tell a story.

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3. Coffee Talk

Technically a visual novel, Coffee Talk places you in the shoes of a barista who completes orders for customers while getting to know the game’s fascinating cast of characters.

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2. No Man’s Sky

While No Man’s Sky certainly has its stressful moments, you can avoid them entirely by simply exploring. Making your way through a planet to gather resources is just as satisfying as it is soothing.

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1. PowerWash Simulator

Cleaning the dirt from various objects in PowerWash Simulator never gets old. It’ll get you into a zen-like state, with a satisfying gameplay loop that makes it hard to put down.

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