The evocative world of 'Red Dead' fan art

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Fan art is wonderful.

Red Dead Redemption 2, the 2018 Western video game developed by Rockstar Games, has stirred creativity in artists who feel a kinship with its protagonist, Arthur Morgan.

Inverse asked artists why they put down the controller and picked up the paintbrush.

The following images are inspired by a game that's sold 27 million copies and claims a devoted community of online outlaws.

"Red Dead made it feel like I’m part of something."

Image courtesy of Rockstar Games

Artist Aaron Felizmenio imagined himself as one of the Van der Linde gang, wondering, "What would I look like had I been in the story?"

"I'm very dorky and lanky so I had to compensate with my stare."

Felizmenio's version of Arthur Morgan.

Aaron Felizmenio

Another artist chose Red Dead for his return to art after a 15-year hiatus.

"My daughter loves to paint because it helps her with anxiety, and she asked me if I'd like to paint with her," he says.

"I chose a RDR2 painting because Arthur was a great character.

"His protective nature and loyalty made me think of our relationship."

"I thought about me being Arthur in the picture, standing up against any struggles my daughter might face."

Yet another artist plainly tells Inverse:

"Arthur is badass."

"Judging from the picture, he's about to shoot my head off."

"Read Dead has a really good, peaceful vibe to it that I really like.

"It's slow-paced which is to my liking, and game itself really motivates players to take their time exploring the world within it."

— Redditor u/Korewa8Man

Radu Sircu, 21, who lives in Paris, tells Inverse: "The game enchanted me from first sight; I had to buy a PS4 and a new 4K TV just for it."

Radu Sircu

Radu Sircu

"[John Marston] and Arthur have had a strong bond since they were young. They had such a strong friendship i even could feel it!"

John Marston (left) and Arthur Morgan (right).

"[John Marston's wife] Abigail was so pretty that I envied John."

Radu Sircu

"Here is the gang gathering together to sing a song and celebrating another rough day in the Old West with a bottle of whiskey."

— Radu Sircu

"The great part about RDR2's landscape is that it changes -- you can travel north into the snowy mountains and hunt bears, or venture south to the humid lowlands and chase wild hogs through gator infested swamps."

— Artist Paul McDonald, 36, of Atlanta.

Radu Sircu

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