The Innovation Issue


The Future of Designing Our World

Designers across technology, fashion, architecture, and entertainment are working to make that future as beautiful and enticing as it is sustainable and innovative.

ByInverse Staff

The Best Air Purifiers May Be Made From 2 Unusual Houseplants


Mushrooms Are the Future of Design — These 3 Luxurious Uses Prove It

Future Cities

One Urban Design Fix Could Make City Dwellers Happier and Healthier

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Black Holes Could Work as Time Machines — If You Want to Die

BySam Baron and The Conversation

Don’t expect to be heading back to visit the dinosaurs any time soon.


'Firmament' Is a Gorgeous Steampunk Adventure That’s Over Too Soon

ByAdam Morgan

Inverse score: 8/10


The 8 Best Gaming Handhelds That Aren't the Steam Deck

ByJackson Chen

If you're looking to game on the go, the Steam Deck isn't your only option.


I Spent 2 Weeks Caring for an AR Pet and It Was Cuter Than I Expected

ByIan Carlos Campbell

The creators of Pokémon Go have made an AR app that could be the start of something bigger.


Tears of the Kingdom Fixes the Most Infuriating Thing About Elden Ring

ByJen Glennon

No build? No problem.


How Daft Punk Made the Most Unexpected Sci-Fi Movie of the Century

ByJake Kleinman

For its 20th anniversary, Inverse spoke to Interstella 5555 editor Olivier Gajan.


Miles Morales Deserves to Show Up in the MCU, Too

ByAlex Welch

There’s room for more than one Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Longevity Hacks

A New Study Suggests Multivitamins Might Actually Have One Important Benefit

ByElana Spivack

A multivitamin study published this week presents evidence that swings in favor of this daily regimen.


Blade Runner: The Final Cut Rewrote History on a Sci-Fi Classic

ByChrishaun Baker

Without the Final Cut, this science-fiction classic might still be a critically maligned dud.


Wildfires Are Here: A Toxicologist Explains How To Protect Yourself

ByThe Conversation and Christopher T. Migliaccio

Wildfire season is here, and we all need to be prepared.


This Emerging Brain Stimulation Technology Could Boost Cognitive Function

ByThe Conversation and Shrey Grover

For decades, figuring out how to enhance a person’s mental capabilities has been of considerable interest to psychology and neuroscience researchers like me.

Game Theory

'Spider-Man 2’s Latest Trailer Sets Up a Heartbreaking Showdown

ByHayes Madsen

Miles’s big moment.

Game Recs

'Mario Tennis' Is the Greatest Nintendo Sports Game From the N64 Era

ByDavid Grossman

It also introduced the world to the wonderful Waluigi.

Pet Science

Should I Let My Cat Go Outdoors? 3 Reasons to Keep Your Pet Inside

ByTara Yarlagadda

Keep Fluffy indoors for her protection.

Sunday Scaries

Even Just a Little of This 1 Overlooked Activity Can Dramatically Reduce Depression

BySarah Sloat

Gardening is good for you — but with these additions you can augment the experience.


Over 100 Years Later, Astronomers Finally Have a Clear View of Einstein's Wildest Theory

ByChad Hanna and The Conversation

LIGO is finally back — and it’s better than ever.