Infection detection

Could wearable fitness trackers deliver early warning of Covid-19?

Wearables gather data about physical activity, heart rate, body temperature, and quality of sleep — but what about infection?

"Think of a tree"

Sleep tech allows scientists to influence dreams

You spend nearly a quarter of your life asleep — why not make the most of it.


Watch this A.I. build fake faces that look entirely real

"Enhance!" is a standby of '90s TV shows. Now, a university team can create realistic faces out of blurry images. Except they're fake.

The Abstract Podcast

How decoding the brain can heal anxiety and restore sensations

In this episode, we discuss the groundbreaking research in brain-computer technology that is offering new hope.


Microscopic robots could take your body on a fantastic voyage

Scientists have been developing microrobots that could imitate white blood cells. Injecting them into the bloodstream to help fight cancer could be next.

let there be light

Electrifying brains may be the key to restoring sight — study

By applying electric current directly to electrodes on the brain, researchers were able to restore "sight" to blind participants.