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This novel fabric can 'hear' your heartbeat

Why shouldn’t technology be aesthetic?

Reel Science

The most underrated sci-fi action movie on HBO Max reveals a controversial robotics debate

I, Robot may be more relevant now than ever before.


6 real innovations inspired by science fiction

The Inverse Interview

Would you lend your car to James Bond? 'No Time to Die' supervisor on 007's Aston Martin

The Inverse Interview

Westworld’s Lisa Joy is breaking the loop with Reminiscence

The sci-fi thriller, in theaters and on HBO Max, marks an extension of Joy’s creative partnership with Thandiwe Newton.

Human juice

Why scientists want to harvest your sweat while you sleep

Engineers from UCSD designed a new sweat-based wearable that can collect sweat while you sleep to create enough energy to power a small digital display.

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You need to watch the best sci-fi war movie on Netflix ASAP

The best of both worlds, ready to stream.


The future of sports is algorithms, not athletes

From fantasy leagues to biometrics, sports is becoming its own cyborg.

The Inverse Interview

'Quiet Place Part 2' VFX supervisor says the aliens' origins don't matter

VFX supervisor Scott Farrar, who retires from the industry with 'A Quiet Place Part II,' reveals how the newest film refines its unforgettable monsters.

24 hour pharmacy

The military is funding a "living pharmacy" scientists can stick inside you

The device will use genetically engineered, light-sensitive cells to hack your body’s natural processes.

Mind and Body

Are people becoming smarter? How to interpret rising IQ scores

Signs show that modernity may be making us smarter on paper, but there's a lot of work to be done to actually show how true that might be.

shine a light

Engineers are on the brink of breaking a massive encryption barrier

The ultimate key is literally at your fingertips.

The Inverse Interview

'WandaVision' VFX team reveals exactly how Vision came back to life

VFX supervisors Tara DeMarco and Ryan Freer of MARZ reveal how 'WandaVision's most important effects came to life.


Watch Epic Games level the uncanny valley in incredible MetaHuman Creator video

Video games will never look the same.

Sleep science

Why sleep trackers could be negatively impacting your mental health — study

No device necessary.