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UP NEXT is an occasional series by Inverse. You have $100 each week to spend. Some weeks it's one thing. Some weeks it's 10 things. Written by Inverse's future-focused pros who are obsessed with emerging tech, this weekly buyer's guide makes recommendations about products that feel like they're from the future. From bags and shoes to wireless charging, RFID tech, and mobile gaming, to privacy and digital security, it's in UP NEXT.

Gaining traction
This ancient innovation could change sneakers forever
Sarah Wells
Kirigami grips provide claw-like traction.
The Abstract Podcast
How a good night's sleep could be restored using science
Inverse Staff
Episode #7: The science of sleep
Microscopic robots could take your body on a fantastic voyage
David Grossman
Scientists have been developing microrobots that could imitate white blood cells. Injecting them into the bloodstream to help fight cancer could be next.
let there be light
The eye-popping visual cortex research that Neuralink isn't doing
Sarah Wells
By applying electric current directly to electrodes on the brain, researchers were able to restore "sight" to blind participants.
Star Wars: How "pew pew" pushed all of science-fiction into the future
Eric Francisco
Dallas Taylor of the podcast Twenty Thousand Hertz argues on the foundational importance of sound design in the Star Wars series.
Feel the heat
Brain-decoding computer can restore this important human sense
Sarah Wells
For spinal cord patients, this innovation could be huge.
Feel the burn
Your next fitness wearable could be sweat-powered
Sarah Wells
Researchers from Caltech have designed sweat-powered wearables that can wirelessly transmit health data collected from users' sweat.
How tech saved
Tech eroded sleep quality in the 1800s. Can it restore it 200 years later?
Sarah Wells
Human sleep patterns have completely changed in recent centuries, but technology could help us regain control.
Your phone could hold the key to unlocking a win over Covid-19 -- MIT study
Mike Brown
The era of social distancing could give way to a new smartphone-powered setup.
Future love
From cheating to pregnancy reveals, wearables know what you're doing intimately
Becca Caddy
Wearables are tracking you now. They could help relationships in the future.
Up Next
8 gadgets to make your morning smarter, all for under $100
Donald Borenstein
Improve your quality of life with just $100 and a small amount of DIY work.
Up Next
Unplug the smart way for just $100: Best tech for a day in the sun
Donald Borenstein
Have your cake and eat it too.
Up Next
The best home theater system to build for under $100
Donald Borenstein
Get the movie theater experience right from the comfort of your home.
Fix thy self
Researchers created a 'smart bandage' to heal wounds that won't heal
Thor Benson
There are millions of Americans who deal with chronic wounds, and this smart bandage could change their lives.
Up Next
Nicole Dalessandro
How to spend your money right.
'Rise of Skywalker' VFX boss sets the record straight on Leia, CGI and more
Jake Kleinman
"There's been a couple of stories out there that are just completely incorrect," visual effects supervisor Roger Guyett tells Inverse.
Dolby's Star Wars exhibit showed me the best way to see 'Rise of Skywalker'
Corey Plante
I am a Dolby Atmos convert.
Magnetic skin could literally open doors for you
Mike Brown
A team promises you can use Jedi-like powers to manipulate wired devices.
Best sneakers under $100
Rachel Cavanaugh
You don't have to break the bank to stay stylish.
This Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill Can Extend Your Summer
Laurence Shanet
Cold weather doesn't have to stop you from grilling any more.